The book is composed of the following six sections:


Southeast Asia:

Viet Nam: The Children of the Dragon and the Descendants of the Fairy

Thailand: Land of Smiles

Burma/Myanmar: The Golden Land

  1. Burmese Who Sought for Truth - Two unrelated individuals, requested more information from the Church and then found a way to receive baptism. Their families later joined the Church as well.

  2. Burmese Waters of Mormon - The Church formed a small branch in a remote region of Burma in the 1980s. Gordon B. Hinckley visited Burma in September 1987, dedicated the country, and baptized the first branch president, Brother Win Naing. About four months later, he brought others from his home area to Mandalay. Sixty-seven individuals were baptized at the Burmese Waters of Mormon .

  3. Establishing the Church in Myanmar -The Church finally returned to Myanmar in 1998 when humanitarian services missionaries were called to serve in Yangon. Brother Joseph and his wife Emma joined the Church. In 2003, a Church branch was established in Yangon, and local missionaries were called to serve in other lands. On Valentine’s Day 2004, thirty-eight individuals (mostly young adults) were baptized.

Cambodia: Kingdom of Wonder

Laos: Land of a Million Elephants

The Appendix of the Book Includes: