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HTown Publishing produces books that document portions of the modern history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. To date our focus has been on Southeast Asia, with particular emphasis on Thailand. Founded in 2006, HTown Publishing is located in Sandy, Utah, USA.

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ISBN: 978-0-9777964-1-0
Pages: 93
Publication Date: 03/2010
Monk to Missionary

Monk to Missionary is the biography of R. Mani Seangsuwan. Born in Chumphon province in the South of Thailand, Mani knew little of the world outside his small village. At age seventeen he left home in search of fun and adventure. He joined a group of "party animals" in Lopburi, Thailand, and thought for a time this was the life for him.

His mother convinced him that he needed to correct his behavior and suggested he become a Buddhist monk. He followed her advice he became a monk at the local monastery. At the end of three months, the typical period of service as a disciple of Buddha, he decided to continue on. After a year he moved to a Buddhist temple in Thonburi across the river from Bangkok. It was here he started to meet Christians. Taking a pamphlet from the Baptists he received a bible study kit in the mail. He studied the Bible in secret while still a Buddhist monk.

His next step was to earn money to become a school teacher. This was the vision that his mother had for him. He met more Christian missionaries and felt good about their message. He was still concerned how other Thais would view him if they knew he was studying about Jesus Christ. The Thai people believe, "To be a good Thai, one must be a good Buddhist". How could he go against his family and the well established culture of his homeland? His decision changed the rest of his life.

As a sample of the content of the book you may read Chapter 3. [Adobe reader required]

”Monk to Missionary“ was reviewed by the “Mormon Times” They also interviewed Mani Seangsuwan, the author, about his life. The book review and the interview can be read on-line using the following links:

The Deseret News  nterviewed Mani Seangsuwan, the author, about his life. The interview can be read on-line using the following link:


Status: “Out of Print”
ISBN: 978-0-9777964-0-3
Pages: 160
Publication Date: 03/2006
Translating Scripture: The Thai Book of Mormon

NOTE:The content of this book is substantially contained in "The Light Breaks on Southeast Asia" (Section 3 - Thailand, Chapter 3 - The Thai Book of Mormon).It contains one important correction regarding the decision as to the Brother of Jared being the younger brother or the older brother.

This book details the story of the translation of the Book of Mormon into the Thai language. Published in 1976, the Thai language was the 24th language into which the full text of the Book of Mormon was translated (excluding translations for languages for which there is no version currently in print). This was a remarkable achievement for a language spoken by about 40 million people at the time of publication.

The story begins with the opening of missionary work in Thailand in 1968 and the conversion of Sister Srilaksana Suntarahut, who became the principal translator. Significant challenges were faced to bring the message of the Book of Mormon into the Thai language. Among these were the lack of a good translation of the Bible in Thai, the lack of words for Christian religious terms like "church", "God", "seer" or "priesthood", and the normal challenges of translating from English to a foreign language, particularly one whose speakers, for the most part, know very little about Christianity.

The Lord's guidance and blessings were evident in meeting these challenges. The principal translator had been fully prepared for the challenge. Her father was the physician to Vajirawut (Rama VI) and her mother was a good friend of his wife HM Queen Indrasakdi Sachi. After the queen was widowed without children she asked Srilaksana's parents if she could raise 3 of their daughters with her in Dusit Palace. Because of this Srilaksana was well educated and became fluent in both the Thai and English languages. Missionaries assigned to work with her assisted in the process. During the period of translation Sister Srilaksana faced several difficult physical and emotional challenges. The Lord provided special blessing to help her. Yet with all that was provided by the Lord the process from start to publication took 6 years.

The author's goal was to produce a story with as much historical accuracy as possible. He spent many hours on the telephone with Sister Srilaksana reviewing the events of her life and the experiences she had during the six years of the translation process. Input was taken from as many additional people as could be found who took the time to share their experiences and their knowledge of the events presented in this book.

As a sample of the content of the book you may read Chapter 2. [Adobe reader required]

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